How does it work?

The iGene Passport comprises a personal gene passport, pharmacogenetic information, enzym response and reliable lifestyle advice based on your DNA profile.

You simply order the DNA-test online. We will have your DNA analyzed in a university medical genetic research-laboratory. In about 6 weeks you will receive your iGene Passport which you can view from within the app but also download as PDF-report.


No long lists of generic information, but practical and personal health advice so you can optimise your diet and lifestyle. 


All information in your iGene Passport has been thoroughly screened, investigated and tested against a rigorous scientific analysis model.


All the information in your iGene Passport is based on your individual DNA profile. This means you will only receive information that is relevant to you.

The app: consult information and receive messages

genetic predisposition

In this overview you can easily see to which diseases you genetically have an increased or reduced chance of.

lifestyle advice based on your DNA

Lifestyle advice based on your own DNA-profile.

extensive information about diseases

Want to know more about a certain condition? View the extensive information, based on scientific research.

information and advice on lifestyle

We will occasionally send you a message relevant to your lifestyle advice.

Place your pre-order now and receive a € 70 discount

The English version of our app will be available in 2017. If you place your pre-order this week, you will receive a discount code worth € 70. That means you will pay just € 195 for your iGene Passport when the product is launched (normal price: € 265). A pre-order can be placed free of charge and does not bind you in any way. 

non-binding pre-order

sensitivity of medicines You'll have an overview of medicines you are more or less sensitive to
overview of enzymes    Dig deeper and view all enzymes that can influence your medication sensitivity.
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