Our multidisciplinary approach

What is unusual about iGene is that, unlike other providers of personal gene passports, we do not restrict ourselves to technical DNA analysis alone. In addition to knowledge from the field of genetics, we also draw on knowledge from medical science and insights obtained from psychologye.

This broad scientific basis means that we are not only able to analyse genetic data, but can also interpret it extremely accurately and present it in an effective way.


Genetics personal profile

Thanks to science it is becoming ever easier to use your DNA to determine the hereditary diseases to which you are predisposed. The diseases you receive information on are selected on the basis of three criteria:

  1. There is a scientific consensus that the genetic factor plays a role
  2. The diseases in question have a significant impact on happiness
  3. Knowledge of them can also help you live a happier life

Medical sciencetargeted information

We are finding out more and more about ways to reduce the risk of contracting various diseases. By linking this information to your DNA profile, we can provide targeted information relating to your health, lifestyle, diet and use of medication.

The information in your iGene Passport is updated on an ongoing basis with the help of the latest scientific insights. That means that as soon as new knowledge becomes available, you can benefit from it straight away.

Psychologyeffective method

A great deal of research has been conducted into how people use knowledge to adapt their behaviour or lifestyle. We use these insights from the field of psychology to decide how to present and dose information.

That means we don't provide any well-intended advice if we know it will simply be ignored. We only provide information that is relevant to your happiness and that you will actually be keen to put to use.

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