Our mission and vision

Our vision: from generic to personal medicine

The next few decades herald a significant change in the field of medical science: a move away from generic towards personal medicine. Preventive health advice based on personal DNA profiles will have an important role to play here.

Our raison d'être: to be an independent party that manages your data securely

On the one hand, the personalisation of medical science will open up huge opportunities: the influence you can have over your own happiness will become ever greater. On the other, however, we have noticed that many people are wary about entrusting their DNA information to insurers, the pharmaceutical industry and the government. That is why we have set up iGene: an independent party that manages your data anonymously and gives you personal control over your own DNA profile.

Our mission: to help you live a happier life by taking advantage of DNA science

Our mission is to help people live a happier life by taking advantage of DNA science. We want to contribute to better-quality healthcare by combining the latest developments in the field of genetics with knowledge and insights from medical science and psychology. This knowledge and these insights are translated into relevant information for each individual, in the form of a personal iGene Passport.

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