iGene: live a happier life by knowing all about your genes

iGene DNA-test

A personal iGene Passport gives you access to practical information to help you live a healthier and happier life, based on your own DNA profile.

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iGene: live a happier life by knowing all about your genes

It has been scientifically proven that lifestyle habits can have a big influence on your health. If you add positive habits to your routines , you could potentially add 15 years to your life. And that's even easier than you would think.

Order your DNA-kit today; The smartest way to stay healthy longer.

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Curious about your own genes?

With an iGene DNA test you get a clear insight into your own genetic predisposition for a list of hereditary diseases.

We also tell you about your personal response to certain medicines based on your DNA profile .

We'll send you practical and informational messages related to your personal hereditary characteristics.

Reliable personal lifestyle advice

Common lifestyle advice is difficult for many people to apply to their behavior. That's why iGene gives you personal lifestyle advice, based on your DNA profile.

This way you can easily see which actions may benefit you the most

Besides: all provided information is scientifically validated. We take great pride in that.

"Health advice is all over the place. It just confuses me. I love how iGene filters, checks and prioritizes health advice based on my own DNA!"

Knowing about your own genes can help you live a happier life in a number of different ways. The best way to explain how iGene can help is to give you a few specific examples……

Place your pre-order now and receive a € 70 discount

70 euro discount The English version of our app will be available in 2017. If you place your pre-order this week, you will receive a discount code worth € 70. That means you will pay just € 195 for your iGene Passport when the product is launched (normal price: € 265). A pre-order can be placed free of charge and does not bind you in any way. 

non-binding pre-order

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